Albion's Journal - Shtriga by Noxomra


First Encounter; September 11, 2010
Difficulty; hard
Rarity; rare
Category; kill on sight

While considered by many to be Albanian in nature, these creatures are actually detailed in legends going back as far as ancient Rome. They feed on the life essence of others but prefer children, probably because they have more of it, leaving the kids in a coma with very weakened immune systems that often kill them by way of diseases they just can't fight off.

What makes these guys difficult to kill is that they can only be harmed while they're feeding and only by being shot with consecrated iron rounds. If they're not feeding or if you use any other weapon you're out of luck, so this kind of kill often requires using a kid as bait which very few hunters are eager to do.

Feeding on this life force gives them an extended life span, though they appear to only need to feed once every fifteen to twenty years or so and migrates to the next town over to avoid detection. A shtriga can hide in human form, often as doctors or other health workers to gain access to the addresses of children they can feed upon.

There's no grey area here - kill these guys as soon as you can. Especially because once you do any and all affected by having been fed on will return to normal within a few days. If you can get there in time no child will have to die at the hands of one of these monsters, but being a hunter is about saving as many as you can and not berating yourself if you couldn't get there in time as long as the bad thing is dead so it can't harm anyone else.

Albion's Journal - Shtriga


14 May 2018 at 06:28:49 MDT

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