Rise by Noxomra


Imalja was used to leading people, he'd been expected to be a leader in at least some regards and had been helping lead the Circle in Ostwick for some years before the incident at the Conclave. But this, this was different. Leading a bunch of rebel mages they had barely managed to pull out of the clutches of a Tevinter Magister in addition to what was rapidly becoming an army of people from all over who wished to help fight the Breach was far beyond what he'd ever imagined in terms of responsibility.

Still, the Knight Enchanter wasn't going to get discouraged. Even as he sat in the small room of Haven's Chantry and dreaded the next day when they were going to try to travel up to the Breach and close the thing once and for all there was still hope. He had good people at his side who knew what they were doing and had the years of experience to trust their own instincts in varying situations. More than that, they also trusted him and that really did make all the difference as time went on. It made a difference to the battle plan they had created because he knew best where to place mages when it came to battle strategy and in combination with Cullen and Cassandra's knowledge of where to put physical fighters in similar locations and Leliana's agents having mapped the ruins to give them an accurate idea of the terrain and none of them were fighting with one another but instead trusted each person's experience to do something greater than the sum of its parts.

Rising to this challenge was going to be difficult, as would be facing whatever was beyond. Everyone agreed they couldn't stop at just closing the Breach, they had to find out who was responsible for opening it in the first place and hopefully get some answers as to how and why to prevent another incident in the future and clear the names of both Templars and mages as to who was responsible for the death of the Divine. There was a lot of work to be done, but Imalja listened to everything going on outside the walls and felt at ease. A few mages training into the night to make sure they were ready, and some former Templars and other warriors doing the same. People sitting and talking and working together instead of blaming one another because they all had a common enemy in that.

Those sounds comforted him as he sat and thought, working his mind until sleep claimed him for the evening since there was little else to do before the morning came and they had to start what was hopefully a journey to close the Breach.



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