Rivalry by Noxomra

"Lady Adaar?" Josephine stood in the doorway, looking worried as ever as she watched Dealoc get ready for the day.

"Yes, Ambassador Montiliyet?" Dealoc fiddled with the wrap top holding her chest in place and the armor that usually went over it, thankful that nothing had to fit over her horns for a change.

"Your sister is...Well, she's challenged you to a formal duel in the courtyard. After the words you two spoke upon meeting one another earlier apparently she thinks it would only be fair to do so, to settle the rumors that have been going around about which one of you is stronger." Josephine absently played with her quill, seeming distracted as she spoke.

"That ungrateful bitch." Dealoc spat, clipping her armor in place and grabbing her bow and a quiver of good arrows. "Tell her I accept. I'll have to go to the forge first to get my better weapons and armor, but I will be there in an hour." She knew her sister wouldn't be able to wait to prove herself, even if Dealoc often beat Naja in a fight, and the wait would make her impatient and easier to beat.

"As you wish, Inquisitor." Josephine took off to deliver the news and Dealoc just shook her head.

An hour later, as promised, Dealoc was ready. She walked out the main doors of Skyhold's castle ready for battle, wearing the armor she typically did in the field and bearing not just her good bow and arrows but also several small daggers belted to her body just in case. Naja stood across the courtyard, arms crossed as she stood tall. She might have only been in light armor, but her staff was ready to go and she was eager for the battle.

Both sisters stopped equal paces from one another, and the gathered crowed moved back to give them enough space to fight it out. Several other mages also put up a barrier just in case to contain not only Naja's magic but Dealoc's projectiles.

For a few minutes that seemed to drag into hours there was nothing between them but a stare. Then, suddenly, it started. Naja grabbed her staff and fired off a bolt of lightning and Dealoc ran back towards the barrier, using the momentum to go up and back flip over. Midair she drew her bow and fired an arrow, barely missing Naja's shoulder.

The fight was barely contained from that point on. The crowd didn't dare cheer or make a sound, almost as if they all feared that the second they did the barrier might break and unleash the chaos inside. Spells and arrows flung everywhere, and when Dealoc was out they had both taken decent blows. Naja had a few arrows sticking out of non-vital places and Dealoc bore the marks of the magic spells having come in contact with her armor and skin. Both were panting and sweating, staring one another down as Dealoc threw her bow and quiver aside and drew one of the daggers.

In the blink of an eye after that the fight had ended. Naja was out of mana and couldn't protect herself magically as Dealoc came at her, raising her staff to contest the daggers but the rod not meant to do much to such small weapons. Dealoc bounced one off it and the other pressed against Naja's throat.

"I win. Again." Dealoc stayed put to let the dust settle and the people see that she was the victor of the fight. No one opposed her, not as the Inquisitor, not as the leader of people who were trying to put the world right again. And as the realization dawned across all the faces Dealoc stood back and put her dagger away before staring down her sister.

"Next time you think to oppose me like that remember that you have never, in your entire life, won a fight against me. Not even when you had someone helping you." Dealoc turned and left, the crowd parting in her wake to allow her to go with still dead silence.

Naja walked off in the other direction, embarrassed at her defeat but at least able to leave with her head high until she could get behind closed doors.

No one, however, would forget the showdown. And no one would dare to try to fight with Dealoc or Naja, not if they were sane. Word would spread, people would hear the story and know that the Inquisition was serious and the Inquisitor was willing to take on even family if it meant showing her power to those who might doubt her.



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