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big gay hug by Noxid

big gay hug


nsyse nsyse is my boyfriend now... this comic is oldish now but i like it and i realize i never thought to upload it here so... here it is!
things have been going pretty well since then, I think we were both kinda nervous and shy to begin with (well, maybe still a little..) but we're getting more comfortable and i'm looking forward to how things develop :3
I really couldnt have asked for a better person to be my first bf, like, wow, hes just so compassionate and sweet and just an all around good person. sometimes I think like, how did I even manage to ask him out in the first place. I still dont know but i'm glad I did.

its gettin pretty gay in here so ill try not to gush too much... on a more personal note, it might seem a little contradictory of me to do this per. my valentines day submissions and esp for those who have known me a long time it might seem a bit out of left field. A relationship was, and maybe still is, kind of a scary thing! I had to overcome a lot of personal turmoil (with the help of some friends encouragement) to get to this point. but I think part of the anxiety of the whole situation was how much of an unknown it was to me. I feel a great sense of relief to be able to.. explore this uncharted territory with someone that I feel like I can really trust. So thank you nsyse for being here for me, and even if in the long run it doesnt' work out (though I really really hope it does!) I think we'll both have been able to grow from the experience. for now, i'm happy that I can say "I love you" for real <3

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    I love you too :3
    I'm excited to see where it goes too c:

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    That's adorable.

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      ty ty ^w^