Character Shaming YCH! [OPEN] by NovaTheHybrid

Character Shaming YCH! [OPEN]


26 February 2018 at 09:26:37 MST

By commissioning me, you agree you have fully read + agree to accept my Terms of Service.

Did your character do something bad? Goofy? Embarrassing? Why not tell the world with a sign! Inspired by pet shaming memes.

-Any gender
-Most species
-You choose the sign text!
-Choose your character's expression!
-PWYW (min. $10USD)

I can also:

-Make minor changes to the YCH base (i.e. body shape, angle of the ears, more or less fluff, etc.)
-Add simple clothes/accessories

I will not:

-Draw NSFW content
-Add hateful or discriminatory text to signs
-Draw anything else I have stated I will not draw in my ToS


These are PWYW (pay-what-you-want), with a minimum of $10USD as all funds go towards transportation to my gender appointments! Please consider paying more than $10 if you want me to make extra changes or add things like clothes/accessories!

ALL commissions are ONLY taken through! Accounts there are free, OR you can pay me without an account if you have a working email + card info! takes payments through Stripe's service, and the staff work hard to make payment processes extra safe for both artists and commissioners!

DM me or comment to claim! I will be taking 3 slots at a time for as long as I can, so don't worry if you don't get a spot! I can always put you on a waiting list!