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Archer in the Trees by NovaButtz

Archer in the Trees


1 January 2022 at 20:21:56 MST

Lehnadrad archer surveys the local area of the forest from her roost at suns-set. I started this as an attempt to see if I can still draw the starring critter of the Lignamiran saga AND as an opportunity to showcase the size comparison of the legacy trees and the average-sized tree.

Given that this piece has a nice view of the horizon it was an open opportunity to demonstrate a sense of the sheer immensity that any one of the (as yet uninhabited) megalithic stilted cities placed on the planet at the occurrence of the 1st Awakening. Lignamira is comparable in size and mass to Mars and Earth, and I can’t tell you how far the horizon is at ground-level on Earth, so I can’t tell you how far the horizon would be on Lignamira while hundreds of feet in altitude.

Since my mood has been better I’ve been drawing more, and this is another in a handful that I’ve completed in the last few months where I am extremely satisfied with the results. Gotta be honest though, right up until I discovered a neat technique at the end, I was about ready to give up on this bitch. This was a great exercise in reacquainting myself with digital formats. Getting a new tablet hopefully quality and quantity will be increasing.

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