The Gazimon Trio by NottinghamOtter

The Gazimon Trio


16 September 2018 at 12:22:43 MDT


Featured: From left to right, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan the Gazimon.

So Dash and I have a bit of a custom Digimon setting called the "End Zone," or something to that effect. We've not really settled on the title. And the Gazimon trio features pretty prominently in it, to a degree; they're a small "gang" of misfits who do a lot of petty crimes and pranks, too small (and rarely successful) for anyone to take any great steps to deal with them.

Cyan (these names are placeholders, they all just call each other "Gazimon," or just "Gazi" for short) is the closest thing the three can agree to on as a leader. He's fairly careful and deliberate compared to the other two, but that's mostly because he's got to manage a fairly severe injury, having half an ear and one of his eyes decompiled, and his right arm partially so to boot.
Magenta is the brashest of the three, and tends to not give a damn about anything unless it directly affects her, and even then her reaction is mostly just to beat it up... or, try to, and fail. The three of them roughly equal one competent Rookie.
And Yellow is... "refined." That's how he describes himself, anyway, as an excuse for being a total glutton. He considers himself a "gourmand of exquisite taste," but there's practically nothing he won't eat.

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