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Cere-Bunny by Notkastar



27 October 2020 at 23:43:56 MDT

He may be a Strong-Man but, knowing how to do
a split on the tight rope is the basics of the basics
for any self-respecting Carnival worker, Dood.

Artist Notes:
Colors, Clothes, body, and even species changed
but, the resemblance still remains! Original and Fanart
at the same time, dood! Such a fun middle ground!

Doodle Notes:
Let's talk splits!

This proof of flexibility is also a pretty great
'perspective' skill check! This pose, more than
any other, needs a clear viewpoint!

Head-on shots are the easiest with biz being
as leveled as a straight line. It's doodling from
the side that tricky bits come into play!
But, Don't worry, follow the direction your
going for and doodle the front leg getting bigger
and the back leg getting smaller and the
rest should come naturally, Dood!