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Courageous Kade by Notkastar

Courageous Kade


"Admit it Seph, You're out of options!
Give up now and I'll maybe~ go easy on you!"

Commission Notes
This Spunky dood was commissioned by
the ever-generous: Michael "Bane" Moons!
Who wanted to see this doodle from the front
this time! ◠‿╹)~★

Artist Notes:
While Aipom shall always be my number one pokemon,
Banette has always been on my radar. This walking poltergeist
would be my number one favorite ghost pokemon, If it wasn't
for a particularly radically ragged dood, Dusclops! =‿=)

Doodle Notes:
Character Design!

Themes are important, m8, and for Banette its Dolls, zippers,
and Ghost. Why not have parts of the body be ethereal;
Not only that but having those "Zipper" openings reveal there
was nothing inside, to begin with!

Take a theme and run with it, Dood! ◠‿◠)~★