Ronso Rear by Notkastar

Ronso Rear


1 March 2020 at 17:31:08 MST

Great day for some grinding, eh?

Artist notes:
Doodle Of This fine dood!

Getting back into Final Fantasy X and
Along with turning Lulu into a heavy hitter
and Auron into a healer; Wanted to
doodle my Ronso Again! ◠‿◠)

Been a hot sec since I've doodled the guy
and wanted to see what a doodle of the
dood now would look like! ╹‿╹)

Doodle Notes:
Blades, Buns, and Biz!

Still a massive nerd for swords, Dood, and
found out that a few light streaks of white
will give metal that gleaming edge!

Also working on my buns, Playing around
with line fades for extra plumpness!

Along with working to make ma buns the
plushest in the land; I'm also working on
my Furgonomics! Working on Briefs for peeps
not only of different shapes but, Different
species! ╹‿╹)~★