Azure Woofer (Backless Doodle) by Notkastar

Azure Woofer (Backless Doodle)


11 July 2019 at 15:18:28 MDT

Aqua Blue Backless commission for the dood: EktoHunter ╹‿╹)

Artist Notes:
Got a commission the other day from Dood the same dood
who commissioned the white floofer a while back ago. This
time Fan art of a azure, slim Woofer. ◠‿◠)~★

Peeps named Glitch and turns out has a bit of a name for himself too.

As far as Doodle notes go:
The word of the day is "Two-Tone"
Two-Tone tattoo, Two-Tone Tail and Two-Tone eyes!
Adding a low into high value to your peeps key features a
great way to make your work Pop! ◠‿╹)~★