D.K Swinging In by Notkastar

D.K Swinging In


9 July 2019 at 03:35:07 MDT

Swinging through the Jungle in search for
some bananas
(Layers are The BEST thing!)

Artist notes:
Donkey Kong and Briefs
to hide his Gorilla biz!

Because he's the peep to win the little mini lottery
I held for myself to pick a random peep from Smash
that I wanted to doodle!

Felt like the dood would be a barrel blast to doodle since
the peeps buff for one, Had a ton of features that would
be great to brush up on like:

  • Extra Arm Beef

  • Primate/Peep Ears

  • A Super unique muzzle And the longer Head

  • and flexibility with a fixed character that isn't
    one of mine

The last one is would really help in the long run
since commissions can literally be anything! Best
to be as flexible when the time comes, Trust me.

As Far as Doodle Notes Go:
Donkey Kong was a really great model I'd love to doodle again.
First thing would be the eyes; DEFINITELY throw me through a
loop since his brow connects with his muzzle. And that's the trick!

At first, I thought he had a Sonic thing going on with merged eyes but,
Nope, His brow is Literally connected with his muzzle; His eyes are where
they need to be and the shading in the area is just from the shadow being
cast from his brow! Cool Right!

Also, his muzzle was a really tricky point too, First time I've ever drawn
a mouth like that and best tip I could give you for tackling something new
is to start it like you'd start any other! What I mean is that I started that
mouth like I was drawing Zatch's Mouth and branched out from there.

Start with something you already know and go from there dood!