Changing Tides (+ Story!) by Notkastar

Changing Tides (+ Story!)


19 May 2019 at 22:48:31 MDT

*Looking out, into the watery tides Flux once called home,
He reflects on just how much life differs for those who live
under the sun instead of the sea. From the limits like the
lack of ability to simply swim up to reach pray out of his
toothy reach, Feeling as if he was a prisoner of the earth
it's self. To the simple like simply using the bathroom;
Yes, Gravity so "high" is something he's gonna have to
get used too. *

*None the less the High gravity isn't the only thing
he's gonna have to get the hang of; He'd also have
to protect his feet from the sharp, unforgiving earth
and conceal his loins with local garb apparently needed
to travel these corrupted lands. He'll continue his the
search for this "Lizard Wizard" who holds the knowledge
that may just help him track down and slay a Nightmare
given life. Know to his people as "The Ebony Leviathan of Lust" *

*And also explain why his unusual "Armor" (If you can even call it that)
of these small pants supposedly "Gives you a Chance" of slaying the beast
once and for all. *

Armor would stop cutting blows, Wards would stop the spells of the Damned
but, These? What possible opening could these provide?[/i]

Artist Notes:
I'ma working on my back definition! It's one thing to
understand the muscle placement but it's a whole-nother
to translate that into your style, ya know?

Picked up from the Pychi Steins;Gate doodle that I can't
just mirror what I learn from refs of more detailed body
features onto my characters. Gotta give my own spin on
it so that it not only comes closer to what I was going for
but, so that I also learn how to do it on my own.
"Teach a peep to Fish" am I right?

Speeeeeeaking of Fish~!
Flux may seem pretty lewd here but I promise the
dood is so revealing for a reason!

On the art side, I had too since you need to see the
body to add more detail to it. Points of focus: Biceps,
Hips, Thighs, Eyes and Mainly on the Back!
(Back definition in my style is pretty tricky with all the shapes back there)

On the story front, It makes sense. What he's hunting for isn't the
"The Ebony Leviathan of decency and Modestness" It's 'Lust'.

He may have not figured it out yet but, That right there!
Is a trump card, unlike no one's biz! ◠‿╹)