Leo's Rear Seat View by Notkastar

Leo's Rear Seat View


14 May 2019 at 03:22:50 MDT

Who knew a minotaur could make for an
amazing chair with two built-in leg rests too! ◠‿╹)

Artist notes:
Wonder if I made Leo too small in this one; Wanna
put him on the "Max" side of shortness but not too
short, Ya know? =‿=)

Speaking of this dood, Leo is back and with a
slight style change/update. Still playing around
with his equipment color but the design of his
clothes are here to stay with him showing off his
more beast-like features like
his hide, Tail, and claws! ◠‿◠)

The Scenario Leo's found himself in or more

"The Scenario the minotaur found himself in"
happened when the Minotaur though he could
just destroy the Dood based his Level and how
short the dood was. T‿T)

Leo may be Level 1 and as short as a floor lamp but,
After spending weeks in corrupted lands learning all
he could about strengthening his basic spells, The
sheer force of them now are more than enough to
slay or stagger foes literally 10 times stronger than
him! ╹‿╹)~★

Saying of the day:
"Don't judge a book by the cover!"