Tempering Tempest by Notkastar

Tempering Tempest


16 March 2019 at 18:38:21 MDT

"Swords, Spells, and everything in-between,
No matter what you throw at me, I ain't going down unless I want too!"

Artist Notes:
Taking a sec from fluffy peeps to draw the other peeps I would IMMEDIATELY start doodling
if I ever took a break from the fluff, Orcs. Orcs are soooooooo awesome dood and pretty
productive peeps to draw since they're a step away from peep peeps. ╹‿╹)
(If you know how to doodle an orc, Peeps aren't that much a stretch)

As for Character notes, It's dood I made in the game Bastard Bonds!

This is Tempest;
The Semi-Mystical, Guardian Angel (Metaphorically speaking), Guy Loving Orc.
(Being a Guy lover is actually an option in character creation in Bastard Bonds, Heck I love that game!)
From the word go, I've been building the orc dood to be the ultimate human shield! Leading the way,
Guarding his team m8 and reviving all those around them, This living wall flat out refuses to falter and
makes sure his team does the same! ~★

"Stand Strong, Don't worry! As long as I'm here you won't even get a scratch!"