"Onward My Beefy Steed!" by Notkastar

"Onward My Beefy Steed!"


5 July 2018 at 23:47:16 MDT

Reference sake, Max is about 4'8 to about 5 feet-ish
tall; Hilgar is a very big dood and comfortable with any weapon as big as he is. ╹‿╹)

And two interesting little fun facts about
this doodle.

  • Max's outfit is actually based the outfit
    I made for him back when I was about 15 or 16
    (I found my old sketchbook! ◠‿◠)

  • Hilgar himself or at least his name is based
    on this one boss monster from Final Fantasy 9
    Which is one of my most memorable boss fight from any game sheerly outta the fact that I've spent hours on this thing, trying to steal this one item
    called the fairy flute. (Heads up, it's really not
    worth it = w =)