Almost there! by not_all_there

Almost there!


12 March 2015 at 03:18:08 MDT

Got bored and drew my lazy villagers from Animal Crossing trying (hopelessly) to get a snack from a tree; I have no idea how they plan to share it among themselves though...

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    Walker! He's one of my favorite villagers! X3

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    Awww, I really hope Walker will move in to my village someday! HE'S ON MY WANTED VILLAGER LIST

    We should hang in ACNL sometime since I keep missing your visits irl! XP

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      Haha yeah XD I'm sure I'll be in Moscow again someday. My friend code is: 4742-6770-2070 :3

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        We've already swapped them! :D We seem to be rarely playing at the same time (and my town is a mess right now, I haven't had much time for it lately) but we could visit each other's towns sometime! I have nearly all the fruits I think. :B

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          I can give you some things if you need them, just send me a DM when you're online and I'll open the gate/come visit :D

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            I'm not sure I need anything (I probably need something but don't remember) but yeah, we should totally visit each other's towns. :D I'll try to find the time - I have work till the end of the month and I need to update Cop Story and I restarted Alpha Sapphire last weekend and already regret it. XD SO MANY GAMES SO LITTLE TIME