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Tease A Big Piggy by nosferatu16

Tease A Big Piggy


"How can a girl from a rich family be as sexy as that?"

It is by saying this at the sight of Kylee, a girl whom she does not like, for lack of being constantly irritating with her haughty side and snob, but that for some time, this pig seems to have changes in her life that attracts attention. This can be seen a lot from her progressive, but rapid weight gain, and that she always wears the same uniform, which highlights her grotesque and excessively fat body.

For Alyssa, it was strange this change in behavior, but it was even more so when she decided to slap Kylee's buttocks by complimenting her and that she seemed a little embarrassed, even that she seemed to hide that 'she appreciates that, the opposite of normal reaction, which will have reacted by protesting for this affront.

Seeing this, Alyssa could not help smiling, she who does not like Kylee, but appreciated the new weight of Kylee, who ridiculed her according to her, while making her sexy. A link begins to create between these two enemies!

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