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Difficulty With Yoga Pose by nosferatu16

Difficulty With Yoga Pose


Again this year, Cath was not able to control her hunger and find her winter weight problem again. What makes her so too fat that she has difficulty moving and often stays seated, until she is able to lose a few pounds in the spring with a diet.
But this year, it's going to be different.
Yina, her girlfriend, suggests to Cath that instead of sitting still to depress during the whole winter, because she is too heavy, why not try yoga classes to try to make her flexible, despite her overweight. Which could help her move again during the winter.
Cath agreed, if that would allow her to move normally.
So, Cath and Yina were in Yoga class and they had to do various poses.
Unfortunately for Cath, it will not be easy at the start of the poses, because she is not very flexible.
Fortunately, Yina helped Cath do some of the poses, but sacrificing her own training. But it didn't matter to her as long as she could help Cath become flexible and make her happy to be fat.

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Characters :
Yina : Yina’s profile — Weasyl
Cath : Mine