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Luck Or Bad Luck ? by nosferatu16

Luck Or Bad Luck ?


Lisette, who was walking in one of the coridor school, discuss with Myara some things, without seeing in front of her because of these breasts, that Lumia is in front of her, concentrated read a study book.

Lisette hit Lumia and fell on her, much to the surprise of Lumia who had a big fear. Lisette, completely embarrassed to have fallen on Lumia, while Lumia, who seems in panic, tries to get out of under this big mass of flesh. Myara as she has, seems to look at this scene with a certain jealousy, she who want enjoy the body of Lisette one day.

Art :
Original pic :

Characters :
Lisette : Mine
Lumia and Myara : Xiardoruzo’s profile — Weasyl