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A Day At The Sugar Beach by nosferatu16

A Day At The Sugar Beach


This beach does not belong to the world of Dreamuria.This is Roza's personal world. This is where she creates and stores her large food stash which she uses for her cooking. But being able to do what she wants in her world, she can create various strange settings, with territories linked to different flavors and food themes. A wonderful and delicious world.

Roza decided to invited these friend Oceana and Vikki to spend a day on her private beach to have fun all the gang. Already, the beach was special. Water is soda with orange, sand is brown sugar, water lilies are Oreo cookies, mountains are mochi, trees are lollipops with bubble gums, seaweeds are red liquorice and the clouds are cotton candy.

Already, Oceana did not hesitate to eat what she found in front of her. She eat so much, after eating a delicious and sweet foods, and then resting on one of the mountains of Mochi. She looks like a big pink mochi because she has fattened so much.

Vikki was too curious and fascinated to be able to enjoy herself because she was front a very unusual decor and wonders how it is scientifically possible. That's why she spends her day analyzing what she finds in front of her and tasting it too, but while wearing a bikini to show that she is participating.

For Roza, she is very simplistic. She makes sandcastle with the brown sugar she finds and plays like a real child. Also, she looks at Vikki, curiously, wondering why she is analyzing her world's food.

A true paradise of sugar, but tropical. ^^

Art :
Original pic :

Characters :
Vikki and Oceana : Mine
Roza :