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Wandering In The Wasteland by nosferatu16

Wandering In The Wasteland


Through these sandy dunes of blood-red color and those black crystals that come out of the ground, a silhouette walked through those desolate lands.

In the distance, the sun came out of its torpor and the dawn made its appearance. From its clarity, it illuminated this field of red sand until reaching the individual. She was a woman, but not human, who was wandering about in this desert. This woman named Alison.

She wanders aimlessly, while trying to survive this cruel and pitiless world, but during a short moment she smiled on these lipes looking at the beauty of the scenery that leaves the awakening of dawn, despite the desolation Of these places.

This represents a scene from an RP that I do with a friend of mine and who had the idea of the scenery.

Art : Userpage of baings -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Idea of the decor :