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Evening Drawing by nosferatu16

Evening Drawing


Fews nights, Elysees goes to her room to open her computer, take her tablet and started to draw. Drawing is her greatest passion. She has a unique talent and uses it as an artist in the company she works, but also as an artist for commissions. She draws as much for her as for others.
She draws everything: landscape, fight, beauty, drama, action, ect.

But very late at night, it sometimes happens that she agrees to draw special commissions. In the sense of the fetish. She loves to draw, but only the fetish she loves. Elysse is not very expressive in her everyday life, but when it touches fetish, she demonstrates these emotions.
In this case, it shows its pervers side by drawing something that puts it all red.

Art : Userpage of Saucy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net