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Force Feed by nosferatu16

Force Feed


Mina is barely 4 weeks she turn into a spider that she finds a girlfriend who appreciates her as she is and we both have the same attraction for fat or roundness. She gets to appreciate herself and try some new stuff. Like the idea that Mina had, but asked Melody her permission if she accepted his idea. She accepted.

Melody had her arms stuck or tied to the wall by Mina's web. She can not go away, except eating. That's exactly what Mina does when she prepares tons of chocolate donuts that she passionately gives to Melody as she delicately slips into her mouth. She had fattened a lot, but as long as Melody does not seem to be good enough, Mina will be happy to feed her partner.

Her spider life is too great!

Art :
Original Pic : COMMISSION: melody and mina by jinenji89 on DeviantArt

Characters :

Mina : Mine
Melody : Userpage of DubiousImp -- Fur Affinity [dot] net