Followers of the Devil-blooded king by Nordana

Beware my child, for the followers of the Devil-blooded king,

With eyes of smoldering embers and flesh of cold steel,

Obeying him blindly and with exalted praises they sing,

Hands forever stained with innocent blood, but remorse they will never feel.

They hide in plain sight and in the shadows to do their evil deed,

Working tirelessly for a cause lost in greed and vanity.

Hunting on land and in the heavens for those who are not of their creed,

To bind and break their bodies and rob them of their dignity.

You must move quickly as they close in from all around,

Forgetting about me as my life is already forfeit to the dark Lord.

Do not turn back for me lest they come and you too be found.

Quick must be your feet as your own life is all you can afford!

And with this breath I give you my final farewell,

Now take flight and depart from this all consuming hell.

Followers of the Devil-blooded king


3 May 2013 at 11:46:53 MDT

A poem inspired by the TFP series(Transformers prime) and Megatron and the Decepticons.