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Peanut Butter Jelly Time by Noodle

Peanut Butter Jelly Time


29 January 2014 at 12:01:44 MST

Sometimes I draw Supernatural fan art...!

Cas needs a new tie. I think people would take him 10000% more seriously if his tie expressed his new passions in life.

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    Hahah, he's so grumpy! Supernatural seems fun from the distance but I have a feeling it will start annoying me if I actually watch it so I'm sort of admiring the actors from afar (especially after the Bieber thing).

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      Grumpiest angel. x3

      OH man I love it and there is absolutely no way you could hate Misha!!! He runs Random Acts and GISHWHES and he is a freakin' awesome sweetheart. xD Jensen doesn't have twitter... Jared is the one that gets into trouble! lol But he is really a great guy, just took that too far. x.x On the bright side, the ratings haven't been this great for the show since 2010 ever since the beliebers boycotted the show... HAHAHHAA. But yeah it's a freaking awesome show and i could go on forever about it. I love it on par with Doctor Who, which is HARD TO DO.

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        Yeah, Misha definitely seems nice and I generally try not to form too many opinions on actors' personalities because we all know how press gets. I mean the show's plot might not be my thing. Sometimes smallest details make shows not really enjoyable for me. Dunno. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime but it's a bit intimidating with anything over 2 series long.

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          Yeah it's up to 9 years! I got hooked on it and watched like 7 years in a month when I started it though. XD Doctor Who was similar though.. not quite as many years were watched in that period of time but same deal. Supernatural is sort of like X-Files x Torchwood - aliens + angels and demons!!!!! haha. :P It was created by a lot of the same people who made the X-Files.

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    it would take a very interesting tie to get me to wear one.. this one is close

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      HAHAHA. I bet you would wear a donut tie.

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        i am
        a lot more transparent than i think