Naomi Sketch Page Commission! by Noodle

Naomi Sketch Page Commission!


21 September 2013 at 21:10:10 MDT

This is from August 11th! It was a commission for SpiderSquirrel of his character Naomi the red panda!

This was fun to draw, Naomi is an awesome character. She's a blue collar chunky red panda lady.

A little about all the poses:

1) Far left center: This was the first one I drew. I was thinking about her being done with something and looking at her work proudly.

2) Far left bottom: PANDA LOAF

3) Top left: Lazily laying around in her underwear on a "f clothing" day. haha.

4) Below top left: This is a total panda pose, I dunno, I think I have drawn Manda like this before too. Thhbhbh.

5) Below ^: Someone pissed her off and Naomi don't take sh*t from no one.

6) To the right of ^: Naomi meets Manda and is confused by her nakedness or something haha.

7) Above Manda: Naomi eating NOODLES.

8) Upper right: Meditation and Yoga poses kept coming up online when I was looking for pose inspiration so I had to draw one because the concept seemed hilarious to me with her.

9) Lower right: DANCE!

THE END. Naomi belongs to SpiderDaSquirrel and Manda belongs to me!

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    Love that "Yes!" dance move in the lower right corner.

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      Haha, it was just kind of a random pose I came up with. XD

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    They both look super cuddly X3 I really love this, ALL of the poses and expressions are GREAT!!! I super love her pouty face tho omg X3

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      Haha, thank you! Hehehe, yes this makes me wanna draw more cute chubby girls.

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    Great work! I really like how you interpreted this character. The pictures have a lot of personality.

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      Thank you!! :D