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Noobat by Linkaton by noobat

Noobat by Linkaton


Here's something from my dA journal skin. ovo Tis Noobat. He's reading a book by Clive Barker, called the Hellbound Heart. ouo;; I own the book (though it's somewhere in the boxes), and I want to own other books by him. O:

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    Loving this! And excellent selection in reading material too. I have a kind of odd fascination with the Hellraiser franchise.

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      Thanks! And yeah, Hellraiser is one of my favorites. :3 I'm kinda excited for this new one coming out, as it looks completely different from the hellraiser we both know. Especially with Pinhead. Have you read/ seen any of Cliver barker's other books and movies? He's got one called Mister B. Gone! It's one of my favorites, along with the Thief of Always. c:

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        I binged the entire Hellraiser franchise on Netflix recently, hahaha. I enjoy the original and a few aspects of the sequels, but on the whole it's kind of shocking how quickly the quality goes downhill. I'm also rather excited for the new one, actually. I hope it's a return to form!

        I have read some of Clive Barker's other stuff, including Mr. B. Gone. I haven't read Thief of Always, though! I did, however, read a good portion of the Books of Blood...

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          Yeah, I agree. The quality went down hill, and this past one...I think Hellraiser 9, it was, Clive Barker wanted nothing to do with, and the pay they offered Doug Bradley was the price of a refridgerator. So it wasn't worth it. But this new one makes me happy, as it's completely different than what was done before. So hopefully they'll stick to what they've promised!

          I have yet to read Books of Blood. I read the Midnight Meat Train, but that was as far as I got in it. I liked how Barker talked about the dead having roads and crossroads. It sounded rather interesting. I need to find someplace that carries it, however, so I can get my paws on them. I read Sacrament, which was really good too. But he's one of my biggest heros, when it comes to writing. I've been trying to save up enough to attend a convention he's at, but never have enough to go. Last time I tried he was at Texas Fright, which was a few years back. o:

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            You know I haven't heard much about the new movie, now that I think about it. Last I heard Clive was writing it himself and was insisting that Doug come back. And considering how ABYSMAL that most recent one was (it was about the level of a low-grade fan movie), they really can't help but go anywhere but up no matter what they do...

            I never finished Books of Blood either, though I always wanted to! I also think I might have missed a chance to meet Clive myself while I was in L.A., sadly. Perhaps some day! He seems like an entertaining fellow, and I do love his writing style so.

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              From what I've heard of the newest one, it's a new director. Though, I heard the remake of Hellraiser itself was going to be Clive. But this new one coming out has a new director and cast and what not. It's called Hellraiser: Origins. Then, there's a remake coming out that I know Clive is going to direct himself, and the latest news on it, was that Doug Bradley was coming back! So that should be exciting. ouo

              I can check and see where he might be next, but I doubt I'd be able to make anything till next year. And even then, it might have to wait till the year after, for all of the things I want to do. XD He does seem like a great guy, and I did get the chance to talk with him once on Facebook! I asked him what he does when he has writer's block, and he responded that while it's rare for it to happen, he'll do other things, like play with his dogs in the rain! :D So it was a big honor to get a response from him!

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                Oh so there's ANOTHER movie coming before the remake? Now that IS news to me. I sincerely hope they put some effort into this one. The previous one was produced on the cheap just so they could retain the film rights, and it showed. Oh, how did it EVER show.

                He seems like SUCH a cool guy. I am almost surprised by how laidback he is! And how many amusing things he posts. XD

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                  It looks AMAZING so far. You should see the trailer! :D It's like Pinhead ditched the robes, became muscular and went heavily into the BDSM sorta thing. Search up Hellraise: Origins and you'll find it. It looks so cool! :D

                  And he is! He hosts the Odessey challenge over at dA every year. I've been tempted to enter, but I figured my writings not good enough yet. x'D When it is, I dearly wish I could show him some of my writing. It'd make my day to hear feedback from the Prince of Horror! :D

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                    Wow, that DOES look rather different! And it looks like they're actually spending a little bit of money on it this time around. I'll have to reserve my final judgment until I see it, though; I have been burned by the various Hellraiser sequels so many times that I'm a little wary of them. XD

                    Oh does he now? I should look into that the next time it comes up. By all means, I think you should give it a try! Can't know for sure unless you give it a shot, hmm?

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                      That's very true. This past one had looked good, but then it was terrible. 8c But this one, it does seem like they're spending a ton of money on it. And I think even Clive Barker said he was interested in it. So hopefully it'll be good. ouo;; I'm excited for it, nonetheless, as it's peeked my intrests.

                      There's going to be a Thief of Always movie coming out, and a rerelease of Nightbreed or Cabal, one of the two. He announced it several weeks ago, but I can't remember which. x'D I'm looking forward to the thief of always movie, because that was a really good book.

                      He's got his own deviantart, though it hasn't been updated in a while. It's usually updated during the Odyssey challenge, and sometimes a bit after, if there's a special announcement needed to be made. But he's posted his own art on there, which is really cool! ouo And, he's nice on there. You can find him under the username CliveBarker

                      And yeah. x'D I plan on going to college first, before I do that, as it'd be grand to be a bit more skilled than I am now! But then, I'd like to be able to meet him, and just chat, and share my story, and stuff. I know he used to look over people's stories that got mailed into him, but he no longer does that, nor does he answer letters ( I think). But he does an occasional Q and A on Facebook, and that's the best way to get a response, or sharing art to him over twitter, which he'll retweet from time to time.

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                        It's definitely got my attention! And I'll watch anything with the name "Hellraiser" in the title regardless, hahaha. Let's see how it turns out! 8D

                        I keep forgetting there's going to be a Thief of Always movie! I never saw Nightbreed, but I heard the Cabal Cut is finally getting a release. I am so beyond thrilled about that, it's always seriously intrigued me.

                        I think I might be watching him on dA now. His art is so fascinating in its own right. He's really a fantastically talented artist in a lot of different ways. I hope he decides to try his hand at directing again some day.

                        No shame in wanting to wait until you feel you're ready, I suppose! A meet and chat does sound like it would be spectacular. I should try to make one of his Q and As sometime. I imagine they're quite informative.

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                          So will I! :D I love anything Hellraiser related, and I want to get my hands on the posters, and the action figures! ouo

                          I have yet to see Cabal cut, though I want to, and I do plan on getting it when it comes out. I've also got the Books of Blood DVD, and I used to have the Midnight Meat Train DVD. But it got lost in this past move. 8c I used to have several of the Hellraiser DVDs, but my parents got rid of those. I've got out of the whole collection I had.

                          Yeah. x'D And his chats are very informative. He can't answer everyone, but if your best bet is to get there right at the beginning and ask him your question. ouo

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                            I actually don't have any merch! In fact I'm pretty sure the only DVD I have is the very first movie. Oddly enough, I have ALL of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (save the recent remake), and the worst of them are far worse than any of the Hellraiser sequels. Go figure! I can't even explain my love for Freddy fully, haha. (There's some fun bonus material in the extra discs of my set, though, which feature Clive talking about the differences between Freddy and Pinhead at one point.)

                            I'm sorry your parents got rid of your DVDs! D: Was it because they didn't approve or something else?

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                              omg...I kinda want to see Clive talking about that! I stuck mostly with the first through fourth, as those are my favorites for Hellraiser. I especially love hell on earth and Hellraiser 1. I have seen some of the freddy movies, and by far, my favorite is Freddy Vs. Jason, just because I always wondered what it would be like to pit those two against each other. But by far, out of all the movies I've watched, Hellraiser ranks top for me.

                              Speaking of which (well...I mean, we've been talking about it for a while x'D) I think the Scarlet Gospels are going to be coming out within the next year. I know Clive submitted it to be published, and he doesn't have a publishing date as of yet (which, he said could take a while), he has finished it, and he has submitted it to be published! So I'm excited for that! :D

                              And...yeah. They didn't approve, for first, then they were afraid of what they had in the movies, and I think the biggest kicker was that they thought it was affecting me somehow. x'D Ya know, the whole "Violent Movies make Violent people" theory. So... they got rid of a bunch. It wasn't just my horror DVDs, either. It was my X-men collection and a few others.

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                                The first four are EASILY the best. The next several straight-to-video movies weren't even originally written as Hellraiser movies, but were original script concepts bought up by the studio which had Pinhead roughly inserted into them. And speaking of inserting Pinhead into things, did you know he was originally going to have a cameo at the end of Freddy vs. Jason? The original ending was supposed to have him stepping between them and saying "Now, gentlemen, what seems to be the problem?" I WILL FOREVER RUE THAT WE DO NOT LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THAT HAPPENED

                                Oh that's right, I'd almost forgotten about that! Isn't that the one where Clive said he was going to completely, definitively destroy Pinhead? I get an inkling sometimes that maybe, just maybe, he's a little bit tired of his creation, or a bit irritated at what Hollywood did with it. XD I need to catch up with all the other works which feed into that one, though, if that's the case. Guess I ought to get reading!

                                Ugggh, I'm sorry your parents did that to you. ;_; Fortunately mine don't look at things this way. My dad grew up with monster movies and loves them. The ONLY thing that my parents get worked up about is anything "demonic" or "Satanic," and that for purely religious reasons. They can be weirdly inconsistent about that though.

                                • Link

                                  I agree wholeheartidly! I think the fourth was supposed to be the last one, because they ultimately destroyed Pinhead in that one, and the rest of the movies were more....fillers, I guess? I kinda feel like they weren't tied into the actual four movies, and were there to make money instead. Kinda like the saw films. It was supposed to end at two or three, and then they saw it making money, so they threw a bunch more in there. :c

                                  And really? That would have been amazing had they done that! DB Ahhh I would have loved to see that! ;A;

                                  From what I'm understanding about the Scarlet Gospels is that it's more of a background history of the hellbound heart. It's a look more into the story behind Pinhead/ Elliot and I think it's going to be short stories based around that theme. Like, how pinhead became pinhead and stuff. I know we saw a glimpse of it in Hell on Earth, but from my understanding, that's not the full story.

                                  Your folks wouldn't like my demon based characters then! XD

                                  • Link

                                    I think the fourth is my second favorite of the series. It came the closest to recapturing the spirit and essence of the original. The second one was fun in its own way, of course, but SO misguided, and the third didn't really seem to understand the concept very well. The others were just...yeah, they were odd ducks. To say the least. :I

                                    YES THAT WAS A REAL THING. They couldn't do it because of rights issue. Neither the first time, nor the last time, that copyright problems will screw us out of something awesome.

                                    Ah, that could be too. I do know that we're going to find out Pinhead's actual Cenobite name in this book (obviously he doesn't call himself Pinhead, and I think Clive has gone on record as saying he's always kind of hated that name). I definitely look forward to it. o.o

                                    Haha no they most assuredly would not. XD But c'est la vie!

                                    • Link

                                      Ah! Copyrights! ;A; Damn, it would have been cool, had Clive been invovled with it somehow. I remember seeing Robert England talk about Freddy VS Pinhead at one point. I believe it was a behind the scenes sorta thing! But it was never mentioned about Pinhead being in the movie or anything! 8c

                                      Yeah, I heard that too! I had figured Clive had gotten tired/ didn't like the name pinhead, so it'll be great to see what he's really called. I do remember that you couldn't tell the gender of Pinhead, and that was always a mystery to people. Those that watch the movie would say he's a male, but those that read the book would say he's female or genderless, as Clive had said he had an airy femanine voice! And that he was femanine in shape, yet it was hard to tell anything else to say he was or wasn't female. o3o;; I'm hoping this book will shed more light on that as well.

                                      As far as the movies go, I think out of all of my favorites, the third was. I liked the idea of Cenobites coming to Earth, through other means other than the box. I also liked the idea of making cenobites in other ways, other than through Leviathan. The movie I didn't like was the one with Kirsty and her husband. Just...I didn't think Kirsty could kill, because she'd lost her father through murder, and had gone through a traumatic time. I didn't think she'd want to relive that. But then again, it kinda made sense? I think, that she'd try and find another way to get away from the Cenobites. I guess I was more surprised, than anything else.

                                      • Link

                                        Yeah, I know. ;_; Maybe in some other universe, it happened! C'est la vie.

                                        Yeah, he kind of...shifted in the translation from the novella to the movie. They all did, really. Makes me wonder what would have happened if Clive had had a bit more money to work with when he'd made the original. I'm kind of glad that the pins didn't end up being jeweled, though, admittedly. And that they didn't wind up going through his tongue/destroying his speech the way the book describes. Might have lost a bit of that wonderful British eloquence!

                                        I do enjoy some of the concepts of the third movie! It was the execution that I wasn't too sure of. And gads, yes, that one. It was SO out of character for her. Heck, I didn't even recognize her as Kirsty at first. She didn't even seem like she was the same character.

                                        • Link

                                          Well...I know that the Hellbound Heart was such a short book, so perhaps he was trying to expand on that? I'm not sure. I am glad as well! I'm not sure how that would have ended up! x'D I know he's got his design of Pinhead up in his dA gallery, which is the movie version of him, so perhaps he had decided to change it? I'm not too sure.

                                          There was just something off about this Kirsty. I know this was supposed to be the adult Kirsty, but I thought she'd already been a grownup. I mean, she was living on her own and stuff, and had her own job. She didn't seem like she was going to school, either. So I would have assumed that Kirsty was an adult in the first and second Hellraiser. I mean, there were some aspects that I did think Kirsty would have in that movie, like being afraid of the box and stuff, but at the same time, I think the killing and what not wasn't the same as the kirsty I knew from the first movies. From my understanding, Clive had nothing to do with those filler movies as it was. It was the company he worked for, that had done all that.

                                          Have you seen his alphabet series that he did last year? It's pretty interesting! x'D I want to get one of his paintings someday. Or maybe an autographed book, though I don't think he does those anymore, and I doubt he'd come to West Virginia any time soon, LOL! But I can keep dreaming. x'3

                                          I know he's been working on a new abarat book, but I have yet to get into the series. I read the first one, but I need to read the others. 8c At some point I will! x'3

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                                            I'm not a hundred percent sure of how the process worked either! I think the budget and the practicality of the makeup affected the designs a bit. I do know that it was someone else who came up with the costumes, though Clive of course had ultimate approval in the end.

                                            Yeah, he basically had no involvement with ANY of the movies past the first one, as I understand. He didn't hold onto the rights, unfortunately. I think they brought him once or twice as a "consultant" but he had no real power of approval or disapproval over anything. :/

                                            I did not see that series! I ought to go check it out! I bet it must be spectacular. :O

                                            I really need to read Abarat. My most recent GF was REALLY into that book. I do trust her taste!

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                                              That may be it! o3o I'm also curious, as...I can't remember which author it was (I think it was Clive who mentioned it on FB), that he got a lot of his inspiration from stories his mother told, like the time a bomb hit the graveyard near here, and bodies were littered everywhere. It's a very interesting story, actually. And I think it's cool that he still uses that as inspiration.

                                              And sadly, that's what happens when you sell the rights of your book. I think J.K. Rowling held onto some rights, when she sold the Harry Potter books to Warner Bros. But I don't think Clive held onto his, when he sold the rights. :c Which is a shame. But it's good that he might be directing the remake. I know he had a very hard time finding directors that would follow his vision. I suspect that's why he's directing it himself. x'D

                                              Abarat is pretty cool. The first book is kinda slow, but it picks up towards the end. x'3 Which I don't mind. I need to get my hands on the other books, but that might take a bit of time. x'D They're good books, though. ouo

                                              • Link

                                                I genuinely have no idea if that was Clive or not, but whoa, what a story. o.o That would be rather, uh, memorable, that's for darn sure.

                                                Yeah Rowling was VERY smart about her rights. Clive, alas, did not expect the original Hellraiser to do half as well as it did. He wouldn't be the first artist to make that mistake, nor the second. And I actually don't think he's directing the new one. He IS writing the script, though.

                                                I don't mind that either! Sometimes a slow build is not necessarily a bad thing. Also wow I just realized this is possibly the longest comment exchange I've ever had with anyone on this site, hahaha! Would figure it would be about horror stuff. XD

                                                • Link

                                                  Seeing as this is getting rather long, would you like to continue it on Skype at some point? x'D

                                                  Also, I see. I'm glad he's atleast writing the script! It'll be good to see what he has planned, though it will probably be a while before we see anything, as I know the newest Abarat he's working on is time consuming. x'D He's also been working on paintings and stuff too. x'D

                                                  Funny fact, is that he does not use a computer to write his stuff. It's all handwritten. So he's got binders and binders full of stories! ouo

                                                  And yeah, seems to be a mistake of a lot of artists, in selling the rights. I'd rather hold onto the rights, however, as that's the easiest way to keep everything the way I want it!

                                                  • Link

                                                    NOPE NO SKYPES EVER but yes I enjoy chatting with you on Skype, so sure!

                                                    Yeah I know right? Where DOES he find all the time, I wonder? I'd love to be half as productive. XD

                                                    Oh wow! o.o I did NOT know that! He just keeps getting more and more awesome the more and more I learn about him.

                                                    That's exactly how I'd do it. I'm glad that Mike Mignola did that with Hellboy! That's the best way to keep Hollywood from completely ruining your ideas. ;p

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              I just took a glance at his Revelations website, and it says he'll be at "Days of the Dead" in LA, on the 27th of September! Thought you'd like to know! ouo I'm not sure what Days of the Dead is, but it sounds amazing!

              • Link

                Oh if only I were still in LA! XD But thank you!

                • Link

                  I usually keep tabs on where he's at. It's my goal to meet him! :D Even if it is at a convention x'D I'd love to get his autograph or chat with him! :3

                  • Link

                    That's how I feel about Neil Gaiman, haha. Some day! Some glorious day.