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I'm not good with titles. [UPDATE]

on 17 August 2015 at 20:54:32 MDT

Hello everybody, I'm sorry I've been so absent pretty much everywhere. These past weeks have been pretty chaotic for me.
So I want to shortly explain why I was away and why I didn't posted any update during that time.

To start, my network adapter decided to die for a couple of day until I was able to fix the issue, after that I got a contacted by a local project that was looking
for a lead 3D artist [[I'm a freelancer][Yes, I like brackets more than parenthesis]] and that ended up taking a shit ton of time, more than it should've a lot of issues and stuff went down before it was finished this past Friday
in the middle of that, a lot of stuff happened that kept me busy and when I had some time to relax I just slept or tried to relax playing a game or listening to some music

Then, a couple of days ago my cat, Julita started to act weird until the vet said a chronic renal infection, most exam came out better than the last one but sadly today, She passed away
she could fight it anymore.

So pretty much that a really short version of the reasons for my absence, the free commissions are still up and I'm gonna start working on the last 2 at the same time instead of one by one.

I am sorry for being such an ass for keeping anyone waiting with out saying a thing.

You can PM if you want to ask anything.


James S.

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