Rise High by Nomax

Rise High


7 January 2019 at 10:06:04 MST

I'm like the king of a rain-country, rich
but sterile, young but with an old wolf's itch,
one who escapes his tutor's monologues,
and kills the day in boredom with his dogs;
nothing cheers him, darts, tennis, falconry,
his people dying by the balcony;
the bawdry of the pet hermaphrodite
no longer gets him through a single night;
his bed of fleur-de-lys becomes a tomb;
even the ladies of the court, for whom
all kings are beautiful, cannot put on
shameful enough dresses for this skeleton;
the scholar who makes his gold cannot invent
washes to cleanse the poisoned element;
even in baths of blood, Rome's legacy,
our tyrants' solace in senility,
he cannot warm up his shot corpse, whose food
is syrup-green Lethean ooze, not blood.

  • Charles Baudeclaire (original in french)

The prize picture for Colincoyote on twitter. Provided was the poem as a promt.

If you are interested in how this and others pictures of mine were made, or you want to have a print of my work then here are your options.

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    This king is certainly beautiful.

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      Thank you :)

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    Beautiful piece!

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      Thank you!

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    Excellent use of subtle textures and values! Keep up the great work!

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      Thank you very much, i'll try!

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    Striking atmosphere!!! The colours compliment each other so well, it really immerses one... amazing work!

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      Thanks a bunch!