2018 Art Summary by Nomax

2018 Art Summary


29 December 2018 at 10:35:55 MST

My 2018 Art Summary. Containing my favourite picture of each month, and then my favourite picture of them all with the little golden border. It was an interesting year i guess is a way to put it. A lot of change on my end and it kind of didn't feel like a good year art wise? Though once i sat down for the art summary i noticed that perhaps that perception was too negative and that all in all i quite enjoyed what i put out. I had 4 candidates for my favourite picture of the year, there are barely any months that i think aren't quite able to keep up with the others, so yes all in all i guess it was a pretty decent year.

And i am in a somewhat interesting place too in that i feel just shy of being able to take a next step, yet not quite knowing how. We'll see if i can solve that in 2019.

I also want to thank all of you for your continued support! There's no way i could do this if there weren't people who enjoy my art and enjoy it so much that they decide they don't want to miss any, share it or even go as far as throwing money my way. Thank you!
And with that of course also best wishes for everyone's new year, both the celebration night itself and just in general.

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