Iuppiter in caelis, Caesar regit omnia terris by Nomax

Iuppiter in caelis, Caesar regit omnia terris


12 September 2018 at 14:49:07 MDT

This title better be nothing vulgar Philomaeus! Else my laziness starts to become very ineffective when i have to start actually double-checking the titles i end up copy & pasting!

However many butts may be mentioned in the title, this commission is for Philomaeus on FA, so thank you to them!

Despite the probable mention of a giant orgy in the title this picture actually isn't based on any orgies, but instead on the Jupiter/Zeus statue currently found in a museum in Saint Petersburg. Actually was somewhat tough to work on, (almost as tough as coming up with all the apologies i'll probably have to end up writing when people rightfully get offended at all the incestual innuendos in the title) you'd think having an established pose makes it easier but as with everything that's kind of out of the ordinary (like for example a title in a different language that probably contains 4 different words for the word penis....alright alright i'll stop already,...) it just kinda ends up throwing you off. So it kinda ended up being a triangle balancing act between staying true to the statue, staying true to the character and staying true to sort of the elements of my own way of drawing.

So, yes, more of a challange than i anticipated it to be, but a fun one.

Check out my Patreon over here if you are interested in gaining insight into how this and other pictures were made, or if you want to see new pictures ahead of everyone else! https://www.patreon.com/Nomax

This picture also is available as a print alongside a variety of merchandise like items. So if you're interested head on over to either :
https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/nomax/jupiter/ (this store offers a much higher artist cut if you want to make sure most of your money ends up with the artist )
https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/nomax/works/33870987-jupiter?asc=u (with more weird stuff, like wall clocks and whatnot)

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    The translation is 'Jupiter in Heaven, Caesar rules over all the Earth.'

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      That's what you all WANT me to think! But i know the real truth and it's all about dicks and butts and tits and stuff!

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    Very cool!

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      Thank you :)