Patreon August overview by Nomax

Patreon August overview


29 August 2018 at 12:55:25 MDT

Hey folks, so the first month of Patreon is coming to a close and i figured it'd be worthwhile to post a little overview of for those that might've been on the fence before given that they didn't know what to expect. I'll also try to keep these dedicated patreon reminders to a minimum given that i know most of you just come for the art and i know they can be rather annoying.

So yes, that is pretty much what the average month will look like for now.
4 Pictures, sometimes more, sometimes perhaps less (though 3 pictures would be a pretty bad month to be honest)
So as a patron depending on your pledge level you'd receive PSDs, early access, step by step, sketches, thumbnails for all of these pictures, alongside a 3 page commented walkthrough which this month was for the picture "20s", decided by vote of the patrons. And a couple of sort of off-topic stuff whenever i draw some shit for myself that's not meant to be uploaded.

So, if that sounds interesting to you then consider joining one of the pledge tiers over here:

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