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Dragonfly by Nomax



Commission done for noble-2 aaaaand i think SkyboundStoic is their account name, both found on FA.

This picture just was a bit of a bitch to work on. Nothing wrong with it in and of itself of course, fairly standart commission all things considered, but it just wouldn't want to go how i wanted it to go! Needed late redraws of already approved sketches and i think like 3 repaints of the dragon during the rendering along with some sudden cartoon light-above-head realization while reading some artists telegram chats. So, yeah, i quite like how it came out all in all and same goes for the commissioners it seemed, which is the important bit.

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    I love your stuff and how the brush strokes looks like. Almost like real oil painting on canvas, that's awesome. I'm kinda curious about the software you use. Do you use Photoshop or PaintStorm studio?

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      Thank you and using photoshop since forever pretty much