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Nomax Now on Patreon!


25 July 2018 at 10:30:33 MDT

Hey everyone, so this has been aimed at for a few months, but my whole temporary stay i had at the time put a bit of a dampener on the preperations. Now though, with myself fully settled i can finally tackle my own patreon page.

So what do you get? Basically extra stuff and insight into how i paint. Pretty straightforward stuff at the moment, highres, sketches, PSD files, commented walkthroughs for paintings, all that jazz. I hope to add more in future, but that would depend on how viable patreon becomes for me with the whole bills paying stuff, so we'll wait and see.

If you are interested in taking a look you can find a free trial of sorts over here :
There you can grab a free version of some of the content to expect for the recent Midnight Drink picture.

If there are any questions i'll of course be happy to answer them, other than that i hope that you go over and take a look and perhaps consider signing up for one of the tiers.

Once again, you can find the link to it here

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