Master Study - Sasha Beliaev by Nomax

Master Study - Sasha Beliaev


20 April 2018 at 12:48:25 MDT

Original made by Sasha Beliaev :

Someone, made me aware of Sasha Beliaev fairly recently and fuck me, that dude is something else. So much so that i just had to dedicate a more extensive study to one of his pictures. My biggest takeaway being that his wrist by now must be just one solid block of fused bone...I'm sure he's got some tricks up his sleeve to make it easier that i couldn't figure out, but ...jeez. Decided to cut short some areas towards the end...

Also fun? Inserting your character into your studies :B Makes them much more interesting because drawing your own character is always fun and gives you an opportunity to try and emulate in a more freeform way rather than just doing a complete 1:1 copy.

Will also most likely be moved to scraps later since it's not really representative of my own work. But i felt it was worth sharing despite that.

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    I find seeing other people use art as reference weirdly helpful, my own scribblings improve.

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      Haha, so not even doing the referencing yourself? Yeah man, that'd be a fantastic way to improve, without all the involvement yourself :D

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        I can't explain it, except that seeing what others have done helps little by little. If it wasn't for the online art communities, I would probably still be drawing stick figures. There's an enormous gap between full-on professional published art, and what you can draw as a kid, but now thanks to the Internet, all the skill levels in-between are visible. The trick, for me at least, is finding people one step better than you, where you can see what they did and can try it. As always, more is learned by doing than by observing.

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          Yeah that makes sense :)