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2017 year review by Nomax

2017 year review


Hey everyone,

so as is tradition there's an art summary for this year again. I do really quite like doing these since it makes me actively reconsider every piece of work i've done. Which at least for me makes it a bit easier to grasp what i want out of my artwork. Especially so now that i can compare them to multiple years in the past as well.

Was a bit of a rough year art wise i feel. Especially the first half felt rather middling now that i look back on it. But we will see where the journey takes us i suppose and hope that 2018 will be one without that roughness!

I'm also starting to feel like the winners for each month and also the overall winner of the year are kind of meaningless, since pictures of my own character just outright have a headstart....Oh well, deal with it. If i like my character then i like my character!

And then lastly also a big thank you to everyone. Whether rocky or not, one thing i always could count on was that you all enjoy what i put out. Knowing that is really fantastic motivation on those days where it's needed!
So be careful with the fireworks, don't drink and drive and all that jazz to ensure a great start to the new year , and to all a great 2018! Looking forward to hopefully blow you all away!

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    Good job for 2017, enjoy your 2018!