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Nomax Portrait by Nomax

Nomax Portrait


Right from the beginning i had 3 different "version" so to speak planned for Nomax. A tribal one, which was can be used for more outlandish ideas , the modern one to pretty much be there as a more direct avatar of myself and this one, set somewhere a bit before and around the timeframe of the Napoleonic wars to allow me to explore historic subjects. Neither of them really had a chance to develop into much simply because it eats so much time which i unfortunately don't always have.

So i'm glad i finally had a day where i just couldn't deal with work anymore and needed to clear my head. And out came this. With a pink background for some reason? Wasn't really planned, just had a picture of flowers i wanted to paint over and do -something- with and it ended up being this.

This picture also is available as a print alongside a variety of merchandise like items. So if you're interested head on over to either : (this store offers a much higher artist cut if you want to make sure most of your money ends up with the artist )
or (with more weird stuff, like wall clocks and whatnot)

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    Looking very stoic.

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      Haha, no happy portraits allowed during that time!

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    dress to impress, great work

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      Haha thank you :)