Choosing Dreams over Nightmares by Nomax

Choosing Dreams over Nightmares


30 September 2017 at 16:03:07 MDT

Apparently i snuck onto a space station to draw this picture, or at least that is now the official canon on Vorell's upload (on FA), so who am i to not go along with it? Big thank you to him for the commission and oh boy let me tell you, using a tablet in zero G is no fun. Whenever you reach for the keyboard it just starts to float away, and applying pressure to it is really really tough as well since you gotta hold it differently depending on where you want to push against the pressure of the pen. And NO, there were no super advanced solutions like "a table" or "a wall" available to just hold it again. Don't be crazy...

It also doesn't help that everything floats around. Like on earth you just have to worry about your model moving, but in space? I was like tumbling and twirling everything! Put down some lines here and there and next time i looked up everything was upside down! At least now i now to apply an extra charge the next time someone drags me into orbit a few starsystems away to paint their picture. Probably should have done that already now that i think of the time it took to travel there and back....

Character of course belongs to Vorell!

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    Hah! That description is fantastic, and the picture itself is phenomenal. The lighting, the pose, the atmosphere, it's all just absolutely wonderfully! Well done <3

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      Thank you very much!

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    That certainly is a dream worthy of choosing.

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      :D I tend to agree!

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    Not to mention motion sickness...

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      Oh i'm sure there is a ton of stuff that's going to get super annoying that i couldn't think of! :D