Moonlight shot by Nomax

Moonlight shot


31 July 2017 at 13:41:03 MDT

Commission done for Jamescoolfox on FA, big thank you to him!

Pretty straightforward idea of his character doing some bowshooting in tricky conditions, and of course like they often are this one was a pretty fun straightforward idea to work on. I feel like generally i have a tendency to keep backgrounds to crisp when they sometimes don't have to be. Really came to notice that when Caraid basically went and put a big ol' fogcloud over some of the things i put in the background in the collaboration from a few weeks ago. It was a small thing that stuck with me and so i fought against that urge with this one and hopefully will learn zo keep things fashionably unclear whenever it makes sense, such as the background here.

Character of course belongs to jamescoolfox

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    Ooh, very very nice. Love the lighting in this piece.

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      Thank you :)

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        Oh, I forgot to comment - yeah, sometimes indistinct or blurred backgrounds are nice - like here. It's night, and depending on the season, there very well could be low-laying fog..! :)