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Don't stand in the fire! by Nomax

Don't stand in the fire!


Seriously, that's like, MMORPG rule #1

Commission done for Aeto (on FA), so thank you to him :)

This actually is based off of an alternative sketch i did for Aeto back during his last commission, he liked it and said to keep it until next time, so here we are!
Probably a good idea too since it was a pretty tough picture. No one reason why, just a whole lot of more unusual themes included , making it a tougher one to figure out than the pictures that are a bit closer to what i'm used to.

But , anyway, you know how fun it is if you're sitting in a bath or in a swimming pool and slap onto the surface of the water to make a splash? That's great dumb fun right? So why not do that when you're standing on a lava field?!
But, yeah, even with the difficulties it was a very fun picture to work on, one of those where i gotta take a step back to not overdo it with all the flames and effects. Don't want to have it end up as just a big ol' mess.

Character portrayed is Gilrandree and of course belongs to Aeto.

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    Holy shit!!! The lighting and the fire are just absolutely gorgeous~

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      A woofle! Thank you very much! ^..^

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    Wonderful work of art! =D It's awesome!

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      Thank you :)

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    Forged in fire and misery.