Showdown by Nomax



28 February 2013 at 13:40:14 MST

Commission for tanith on FA

Oh i had quite a bit of fun with this one, the premise was fun to begin with, a neat fighting scene which you probably by now know that i really enjoy doing those.

Admittedly the start was a bit bumpy and i couldn't quite get down an interesting sketch and filled one or two pages in my sketchbook with thumbnail sketches, which is quite a bit for me, usually it takes around 3~6 until i find a generall direction and composition i'm happy with. But once that was over and the sketch was approved it was actually rather smooth.

Was a little worried if i would have to basically do my coloring twice since i tried a new approach to make the decisions about color and value easier. But thankfully it worked out just fine.

So ,yup, happy ending and all that, probably still need a bit of refinement , but i think it will improve my workflow overall and maybe will offer the opportunity for a jump in overall quality as well. Going to be interesting to see how well it does in the next piece.

About the scene itself, well what more to say? Tanith kicking some ass i suppose 8-)

character on the right by tanith

rest done by me

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    That'll stitch right.

    A little fiber is good for the health. Too much fiber causes constipation....or death.

    Damn, you're good.

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      Haha , thank you very much! :D