Eroica by Nomax



8 July 2016 at 13:05:53 MDT

Commission done for CrimsonLeonore on FA of their character Eroica! Big thank you there :)

This was requested to be a painting evocative of Bethoven's 3rd symphony and the famous Napoleon in the Alps painting.
The initial direction i took it in was entirely different, much more fantastical and in a way closer to some of my earlier works from years back but it just wouldn't blend well at all with how i approach things nowadays. So it was one of those paintings that was scrapped in the middle of the process and started new from scatch.
This new one is a little tamer in a way, but works much better with my current sensibilities and hopefully that shows in the outcome as well.

Once again thank you to CrimsonLeonore for this fun picture to work on! Wooo!

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    But wasn't Napoleon facing the other way in his painting???
    Just kidding, i know this one is only evocative, not supposed to be a copy.

    Sorry to hear you had to start all over with it.
    But it looks nice. The armour and weapon are shiny like metal should be, the animals are fluffy, not to mention the gorgeous forest and mountains in the background.

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      Haha there'd need to be more changes than just the direction for it to be close to the napoleon painting! And thank you, yeah it's always a bit of a bummer to start over, since it cost a lot of time (and money). But if i can't see a picture turning out well then just continuing on with it is pretty much just wasting even more time...

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    Me: So Mush Skill In One Person
    Zion: Your Good, Like Really Good
    Tex: Amazingly Perfect
    Ken: This Is What I Am Talking About

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      Thank you very much for both comments :)