[not my art]African Wild Draw by Nomax

[not my art]African Wild Draw


29 April 2016 at 14:26:20 MDT

Couldn't help but keep the title for this one :P

As stated above this is not my drawing, all credit for it goes to Rascheln on FA and if you do want to favourite it please do it over here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19821211

And of course do go ahead and watch him if you like! He started drawing back in November and certainly isn't in a bad position already as demonstrated by this great drawing of my character that he did!

Really the only thing i could complain about it here is that why the fuck don't i have such an awesome room?! Look at that! Giant windows, a nice lush green garden right outside, and a table that actually has space readily available and isn't just littered with stuff.
What do i have? Small shitty windows, a betting place and a pub right across the street and , you guessed it, a table with not nearly enough space! Not nearly as great!

Oh well. But, no, seriously it's a great picture and i absolutely love it ^..^

Big big big thank you to Rascheln , absolutely awesome work on this one! Keep it up!

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