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Ceremony by Nomax



Commission done for utunu on FA , thank you very much! :)

Very fun commission to work on , the briefing basically was either a hunting scene or one of the many celebrational festivities that are to be enjoyed throughout the year for the members of Utunu's tribe. Had two sketches that i felt were worth pursuing for this one, and it was one of those times where i wish i could have just gone and done both, since i felt both of them had great potential. But i think tultimately it was the best decision to go with this one since it's an idea that isn't as common as a more run-of-the-mill hunting scene, and , well unused ideas never are entirely scrapped, so who knows maybe i get a chance to adapt it for another piece later on.

Portrayed are Utunu and two of his tribemembers performing a dance choreography to celebrate the solstice as the tribe gathers to feast, dance, sing, tell ancient tales and just generally have fun together on this special occasion!

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    Nice work.

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      Thank you!

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    Wooo! Want to push it to my Collections? :)

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      Hope i did it correctly... already forgot how it worked last time ^^;

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        Yep you did!
        Actually, is it okay if I post it as well? Normally I just get things pushed to Collections, but apparently it won't allow me to add a 'Collected' piece to my 'Featured' folder. :/

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          Yeah sure, you are free to post it wherever you want.

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    Absolutely stunning!

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    Goodness gracious that is dynamic.