Are you quite finished? by Nomad

Are you quite finished?


17 May 2015 at 14:52:08 MDT

You may not know this, but Marcel does indeed have a were form. In his initial imagining, he was a Werewolf. A Silent Strider in the WoD universe. He's a dangerous son of a bitch.
I was lucky enough to score this original art by Ron Spencer, who is known for his work in the World of Darkness/White Wolf/etc systems. It was a contributor perk for the W20 project on Kickstarter. It is an original work, done for me, of my character. You won't find this image anywhere else or in any book.

Art by Ron Spencer
Character by me

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    Love it! This really does reminds me one of my favorite comic artists, Mike Ploog! He did Werewolf by Night, and his Planet of the Apes comics. However Mike Ploog's newer recent non-comic art does look more like this. Because his older comic work was more or less Will Eisner influenced art style. However, You should check out his newest work and see if you like it or not.

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    Very cool, does Ron have a Weasyl page or another site?

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      Not on Weasyl, no. He does however have a blog at

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        Thanks! I tried to leave him a comment on his site but Wordpress didn't like my email address, kept saying you must enter a valid email address, which mine IS!