Downtime by Nomad



17 May 2015 at 13:11:19 MDT

She was alive, once. Many years ago. A reactor explosion did her in, irradiated her living body and sent her on the fast track to death. Except at Alpha-Cygeni there were experiments in AI technology going on. More aptly, AI had been developed successfully, and they were working on transferring living consciousness into machines.
They owed her a favor, a very big favor.
She had a chassis built, as the company had been working on service droids anyway, they produced a one-off military grade frame for her. Silicon musculature stranded over a composite ceramic skeleton. Electroreactive motion, hydraulic assist. Antennae packed into her ears allowing her to intercept, translate, and broadcast all kinds of signals. Ocular sensors that expand her range of vision from X-ray to Infrared and more.
Years ago, she was a dangerous spacefaring privateer. Now she is that, but no longer requires oxygen, food, pressure, temperature, or sleep. She operates on the equivalent of an extremely advanced Stark Reactor, can remotely control her gunship and a couple uparmored service drones with her mind, and bite through inch-thick steel armor. She's also shed other annoyances of biology like unnecessary genitalia and the requirement of liquid water. Really, her breasts are for vanity and identity, but little else and she's smooth as a Barbie doll down below. Fur has been forsaken in high-friction areas and the skin there is more like a glove worn to keep debris out of her joints.
Before she was just crazy, now she's an utter menace and a force to be reckoned with. Still a good conversationalist though.

Here, we find her on some downtime in the hangar doing some work on her ship.
Art by Strype
Regina copyright to me

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