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Charter Internet Sucks and other Updates!

Alrighty! Now that I have that tid-bit out of the way.

I have internet again! But only for my laptop, and, I have to be within three feet of the modem. (Ethernet cable is short) So tomorrow me and the roommate are going out to buy a new router. (P.s. I have a roommate now to split the bills if you didn't already know)

News related to streams.
I will continue to stream Streaming! I Love streaming for you guys and exchanging that dialog about the work among other things while working on a piece. Its great! That being said, my stream quality is going to suffer as my new ISP provider is "Charter" and they only offer/capout Upload speed at 5mb, and 30mb download between the roommate and I. But only 70% of those speeds are guaranteed. Soooo yeah. I don't expect to have a prefect stream quality. but hopefully it will be good enough. ^^;;

For Commissioners
I have three commissions right now so All of my slots are full. I will be getting in touch with each of you and giving you progress updates this week. (As soon as I can get wifi to my Desktop) So if you have a commission with me know that updates are coming

Other Projects Such as Vorehouse are still being worked on. I have been on hiatus these past three weeks apartment hunting, Moving into new apartment, and starting back to school. Another page is almost done and will be finished in the next stream I throw up so be on the look out for that if your interested!

Other News
I had some bad new come up this week involving the passing of a family member. Deaths in the family hit me hard so if i'm a little hard to talk to or aloof its just because I have a lot on my mind and need a bit of time. This isn't stopping me from producing work or getting things done. But right now im just kind of in and out of touch with friends. yeah.... shit sucks sometimes...

Please don't post any condolences, but ill take your well wishes.
Thanks for your time guys!

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    Sweet. A bunch of favorites followed by a follow. What a gentleman!

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      Your gallery is full of a lot of awesome stuff! I usually use FA so its easy for me to miss out on all the talent out there. I'm glad I found you though!

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        FurAffinity is busy being broken at the moment so I'm glad you found me and you like my stuff. It's greatly appreciated, and it means a lot. So once again, Thank you!

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    Thanks for following! Was cool meeting you at TFF, hope it was a good con for you!

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      It was great meeting you too! The convention was a blast and I hope to be back again next year ^-^

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    Thank you very much for the fave! :3

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      You're very welcome

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    thanks for the follow :D