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Character Maya - For Sale? by noki

Character Maya - For Sale?


This pretty puppy is inspired by my parents' real life dog, by the same name and breeds. I've been tossing around the idea of making a character out of her for at least half a year, and I've finally got around to doing it.

I love it, but the part that has me second guessing is I just don't really use multiple characters. I'm going to put her up for "best offer" for a week. If I get an offer that will convince me to give her away, I will sell her. If not, I'll keep her around! (I'm not looking for any extraordinary offers ... between 2.5 hours of work and a design that I'm real-life attached to, I'm not asking a whole lot, just fair! :) )

Please message me if you love her as much as I do and would like to place an offer. I will not take offers past 12 PM MST October 16th, and will sell her to the individual with the best offer - or stash her if no suitable offer has been made.

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    I'd say hold onto her. You never know when a story idea may come to mind where she can help out with. :)

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      True - although I don't write! (probably why I don't use a lot of character concepts :P) I will be happy to keep her if I don't get offers, for sure... but maybe she can find a home with someone who will use her more than I could ever!