"Bow, dog, and show your respects to your master!" by NoelTheChristmasCat

"Bow, dog, and show your respects to your master!"


24 November 2014 at 00:27:05 MST

Say hi to the reason things are so unfriendly in my story. Hey, can't have a rebellion without a cause for rebellion can you? That's where Lord Malik comes in.

Years before the story starts, Malik suddenly appeared in Kanya and started taking it over by force, piece by piece. He stole the Iriens robots and turned them into an army while also opressing the Irien in the process. He scorched the Madraki's most well known homeland to cinders. And he committed a genocide that the Kanyans still hold to heart nearly twelve earth years later. So what makes this guy such a target of ire to them after all of that? Simple - he's righteous. He's convinced that he's making the world a better place with his heartless acts of opression and destruction and the Kanyans hate his guts for it.
Now as for the big man hulking in the background, I think I despise him personally myself, but not for in story reasons. We'll get to that. For now, know that his is Blaze, a robot Malik hand built to be the ultimate weapon agains the Kanyans. He's cold and merciless, but also has a learning capability that the other robots do not. His weaponry is unmatched: when brute force alone doesn't work, Blaze sets to work on his foes with molten charged flamethrowers that leave miles of devastation in his wake. The two characters are usually inseperable, and when they are together, unbeatable.

Whew, that was a pretty big mouthful. Might be the most detail I've gone into about the villain yet, but I wanted to impress. This picture was pretty good at the time, save two things that I've since resolved. That chainmail (I made my own rather then using the stock here) and Blaze himself. I think I utterly hate this character since his conception. Check my DA page of him for the reason why: http://noelthechristmascat.deviantart.com/art/Blaze-Robot-Blueprint-Reference-Critique-wanted-483217399?q=gallery%3ANoelTheChristmasCat%2F48477905&qo=15

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